Program Management

Critical Key to a Successful Project


KEH & Associates provides program management services to the public and private sector in the areas of water, wastewater, and environmental remediation; working side by side with our clients to cost effectively and efficiently manage multiple, interconnected projects. We enhance and compliment our client’s current capabilities in order to achieve critical goals within a shorter period of time while maintaining a high level of quality in project delivery. By carefully crafting and managing capital investment programs, we are able to save our clients time and money.


Through careful control, coordination and implementation of various project components, KEH assists our clients in successfully implementing complex programs while effectively managing and mitigating the risk of delivery. Proper planning and prioritization of capital programs allows the client to optimize the use of limited funds in order to ensure key objectives are met within the fiscal restraints faced by all public agencies and private companies today.


By providing the necessary expertise and resources, KEH & Associates helps ensure that our client’s projects and programs perform within the scope, schedule and budget that were established at the outset of the work. We can serve as a single point of responsibility in managing projects and programs for our clients or provide staff augmentation to work within ongoing department operations. Under either option, KEH fosters a team-oriented delivery approach that affords the client ultimate management and control of their capital investment program. By customizing program management processes to the specific technical and fiscals needs of our clients, KEH helps ensure each component of the program optimizes economic investment while satisfying community needs.

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