Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment for West Basin Municipal Water District’s Palos Verdes Recycled Water Pipeline Project

West Basin Municipal Water District (WBMWD), in conjunction with City of Palos Verdes Estates, the City of Torrance, and Palos Verdes Golf Course (PVGC), are seeking to construct approximately 16,000 feet of 8-10 inch pipeline and a new pump station to deliver recycled water to the PVGC. KEH was selected to provide an environmental assessment, alignment study and preliminary design. The preliminary design effort builds upon the results of an Alignment Study prepared by KEH, to identify project constraints, limitations or fatal flaws in the proposed alignment and pump station.


The project includes crossing the Pacific Coast Highway, requiring jack and bore design and Caltrans permitting. Other key components of the initial effort include stakeholder coordination, corrosion protection, user demands and constraints, hydraulics and surge, pump station layout, easements, grant compliance, and meeting an expedited schedule.


The project is anticipated to provide a new source of water to the Palos Verdes Golf Course for landscape irrigation and help to support the long-term needs of municipal and residential users as well as other potential customers along the alignment.


KEH found several solutions to reduce design costs, expedited the delivery of the Initial Alignment Study and CEQA compliance process, and minimize construction impacts. KEH also proposed an optional item to evaluate an alternative alignment which could reduce construction and operating costs.


In May 2017, KEH completed the initial alternatives analysis and confirmed approximately $700k+ in savings can be achieved with the alternative alignment. All efforts are currently on schedule and on budget.