City of Oxnard Wastewater Operations Support Program

City of Oxnard, CA



KEH serves as the program manager for the City of Oxnard’s $4M Wastewater Operations Support Program, Phase I and Phase II providing program management, plant operations, permitting, and plant optimization services. KEH functions as the City’s Chief Plant Operator and Wastewater Superintendent training of City Operators and City staff; establishing and implementing procedures for the City’s wastewater facilities; and assisting in the transition of complete City staff management of the plant facilities. Under Phase I of the program, KEH is undertaking the complete start-up of the City’s Advanced Water Purification Facility and recycled water distribution system. Under the regulatory scope, our team will lead the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS), assist in the compliance with all regulatory agencies, and update collection system requirements, management procedures, staffing and annual budgets. In concert with City staff, KEH is providing optimization services to update Health & Safety (H&S) plans and procedures, and lab operations; develop a training program for O&M staff; conduct an organizational study; identify immediate needs for OWTP repair and maintenance; and coordinate wastewater master plan. KEH was selected for this project as a result of our extensive experience with programs of this type and our direct experience working with City staff in the past decade. Work for Phase I began in May 2014 and estimated end date of June 2015, at which point KEH will provide services for Phase II anticipated completed by June 2016.